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Since 2004, 75% of our  graduates have not re-offended.

80% of our 2009 graduates have not re-offended.

Hamilton County taxpayers have saved $930,516 annually.

The mission of the Transformation Project is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by transforming the lives of addiction-related offenders, their families and future generations through the power of God, thereby reducing repeat offenses and crime.

Since 2004, 75% of our graduates have not re-offended and 80% of our 2009 graduates have not re-offended. 30% of our graduates are trained volunteer small group Living Free facilitators and life coaches. The Tennessee Department of Corrections statistics show that this inmate population has a 98% recidivisim rate.

Since 2004, we have trained 254 volunteers from 72 local churches.

In 2009, the Transformation Project enrolled 913 participants in pre-release small groups using Insight and Peacemaking and averaged 44 participants in post-release small groups also using the Living Free curriculum.

We have pre-release small group ministry in the Hamilton County Jail, in CCA Silverdale Workhouse and Bradley County Jail. We work with the Judicial system in Hamilton County, Bradley County and Rhea County Tennessee and Whitfield and Catossa Counties in Georgia.

We have Three Post-release Campuses. Bethel Temple Assembly of God in Hixson, Tennessee, Freedom Church in East Ridge, Tennessee and Metro Tab in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In 2009, with a daily average of 44 participants in our post-release ministry, we save the taxpayers of Hamilton County $930,516 annually at a cost of $70.54 a day average in the Hamilton County Jail and $45.33 at the CCA Silverdale Workhouse.

‚ÄčThe Transformation Project cost is $7.00 per day per participant and, again, 75% of our Graduates have not re-offended.

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